Praying Through the Struggles

There are a lot of struggles going on for me personally right now. I’ve definitely been having a hard time with different things and I have slipped back on my relationship with God in the last few weeks….not spending much time with Him, in prayer or even my love for praise and worship music has faded. I can’t allow everything going on in the world to take me down emotionally. The enemy is working overtime! I wrote this prayer the other night in order to combat how I have been feeling lately and feel led to share it. I don’t usually share these kinds of things but I guess that’s what stepping out in faith is. ❤

Heavenly Father I come before you to talk, to confess and to ask for help. To ask for the kind of help that only you can provide. You see my struggles; you see my heart, and you know what I am struggling with but I know it is I who has to come to you, one on one, and ask for what I need. I have been struggling emotionally for a few weeks which has caused me to slip back into old coping mechanisms and to slip far from you and our relationship mostly because I am trying to do it on my own and not ask for help from anyone including you. Pride is not of you but of the enemy and I humble myself before you to admit that I cannot do this on my own and need you more than ever. I am tired of struggling emotionally and allowing the worldly things to get so deep into my head that I come into agreement with it all and believe all sorts of things. I am sorry for believing the lies and not standing on your truth. I am tired of beating myself up for who I am and what I am made up of. I want, very much, to love myself, respect myself and to embrace myself as I know you would do no matter what. It is in your word that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, so I ask that you remind me of this every day when I open my eyes and instead of the lies weighing on me heavily as they have been so much lately, I pray that your truth and your words will be heaviest on my mind and on my heart every day going forward.

I am struggling right now with depression, cutting temptations and negative thoughts. Thoughts I know are not coming from you but from the pit of hell. I know I need to come against these things, and I haven’t. I haven’t because I have allowed myself to believe that I deserve those things and I don’t. Sometimes I feel like I can’t go on. That the pain inside is too much to bear and I know I don’t have the strength on my own to get through it. So right now, I come against any negative thoughts that are not of you and ask that you place a hedge of protection around me as a whole but especially where I am being attacked most, my mind. I ask that you Lord, increase the positive thoughts and give me the strength to take every negative thought captive and send those deceiving thoughts right back to where they came from. I ask that my mind is renewed daily and that positivity will flow from my lips even when I am not “feeling” it. I ask that you cleanse my heart of any unrighteousness and sin and fill those places with your words, your love, and your peace.

Lord, I am feeling at my weakest lately and it is You who gives power to those who are weak. I pray for the power and strength to rise up against my weaknesses and not let them overtake me. Please give me the strength to trust in you in ALL areas of my life, troublesome or not. Please remind me every day that it is your power and strength that flows through me so I can firmly stand up against any spiritual attacks, emotional attacks, and temptations that will be put in front of me. I ask that you please strengthen my mind, body, and spirit. When I am broken, may I be restored. When I am fearful, may I become faithful. When I am hurting, may I rest in your arms of comfort. When I am confused, may I be flooded with wisdom. When I am lost, may I be found. I pray that going forward, I will walk in complete confidence in knowing the truth and that is that you are my refuge and my fortress, and it is you that I will trust and not the world. Father, I ask for your strength to be renewed in me, for a boost of faith to overcome any of my fears and for power when I feel powerless. God, help me to get rise up and get back on my feet once again so I can continue running the race that was set before me by you. For You know the plans You have for me.

Father, help me to overcome these temporary situations that are in my life right now and put my focus more on the right instead of the wrong. Help me to put my focus on you and not on the world. Reignite that fire and the strength that I know is deep-rooted within me to be strong and courageous and continue to remind me that it is you and ONLY you who will never leave me nor forsake me. Please place a wave of peace and calmness in me that is beyond my imagination that can and will overpower the anxiety, worry, and sadness that I have been feeling so much of lately. Thank you for hearing my prayer, In Jesus’ name…Amen



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