about me

Let’s be real, writing the “about me” section is probably one of the hardest. Why? Because for some people, like me, we automatically think of the negative. Let’s change that right this second. I’m pretty simple. I’m a girl who was born and raised in Queens, 83B3A897-48FA-49BD-B414-2AF3C394DED0New York. At the age of 18, I moved to Texas where I lived for 13 years. Currently, I live in Florida. Best decision I ever made was to move closer to family again and lucky me, I’m so close to the beaches!

I haven’t had a perfect life. None of us have. I have gone through heartache, happiness, emptiness, fear, etc. Just like the rest of the world. I’ve gone through a lot of struggles and am at a point in my life where I am working on accepting that God handed me those challenges because He knew I was strong enough to get through them. I am working on forgiving those who have wronged me and I’m also working on forgiving myself.

I truly believe in “progress not perfection.” I am a work in progress and perfection doesn’t exist. I am striving to achieve peace, calmness, and love in my life and if that is through God, then I am all for it. I am ready to share some of my stories with the rest of the world in an attempt to help myself truly heal and grow from what I’ve experienced and maybe give others a sense of hope that things can get better.

This is my journey…..