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We All Start Somewhere….


My life isn’t an easy one, but I’m certain it could be SO much worse. I have experienced trauma, pain and quite simply, hurt. But I have also experienced love, happiness, and sincere joy through my life. I have recently begun my walk with God and I wouldn’t change that for the world. (That’ll be its own post) I am very blessed with the things and people that I do have in my life. I have to remind myself each day that nothing is perfect. No person is perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. People will hurt and disappoint you, even you will be the one to hurt and disappoint people. Things will not always go the way they may have been planned, you will be sad, you will be happy, you’ll even feel like you’re losing your mind. I am learning, each day, that this is just “life”. I was given this life for a reason and I am still searching for that reason. I am longing to know what my purpose is. I know that I have one in this life. Emotionally I look at searching for a reason, a purpose, as nothing but a struggle, but logically I think that this search is quite simply the journey of life. 

This is just going to be the place I can share my stories, share my happy times, my randomness, and even my struggles. My ultimate goal in starting this blog is to have a place to release what is on the inside of me in an attempt to help myself along in my journey of healing soul searching. Also, just maybe it will help others on their journey. My stories could possibly speak to someone in such a way that it helps them somehow.

So I guess I’ll get this started somewhere and just take it from there!

Many Blessings, 



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