37 Life Lessons

  My birthday just passed and this seemed like a really fitting thing to post at the moment. I've been thinking, 37 years is a lot of years that have gone by, not to say I'm old because I am not, lol. But it did have me asking myself, "what have I learned over all… Continue reading 37 Life Lessons

Breaking Through

I wasn't going to even post about this because often before I post I think "will this even minister to anyone?" Then I was thinking if it does then that is great if it doesn't then not everyone was meant to see it. I want to give hope to people with the things I do… Continue reading Breaking Through

My Purpose Begins Here…

I've been asked a few times why I wanted to start a blog. I've even asked myself why I wanted to start blogging, and publically no less. I wrestled with the thought to start blogging for some time. I went back and forth between the positives and the negatives of putting myself out there publically.… Continue reading My Purpose Begins Here…

Not Your Average Cocktail

As a teenager, I began going to therapy. Along with therapy came the psychiatrist appointments, evaluations, and medications. I started taking medication, mostly for depression at the time. Over time I was given medications for various things such as anxiety, mood stabilization, and sleep. I have been on more medications than I could count. I… Continue reading Not Your Average Cocktail